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Those art are great, even whit the huge different, beginner are still improving and making their way up to the best !

Keep improving ! =)



Adoptable - OPEN by SarahHisWorld
Adoptable - OPEN
-Don't change the adoptable's style/color/design TOO MUNCH :heart:
--Don't claim the design as your own, if someone compliment the design/color choice, please tell them you didn't make it/Or simply changed it a bit instead of '' Thank you '' because to me it feel like you take all the credit, no need to credit me in particular, but don't just take it completely to yourself.
---You CAN trade and gift, but you're not allowed to re-sell, if i see or heard you re-sell the adoptable, the right over the character will be taken away and I will re-sell it

Prices: 200 :points:
:star:HELLO EVERYONE ! I'm opening a limited edition of chibies ! That mean once all the place are taken, there's no chance for you to get something alike:star:


Yanaky-chibi by SarahHisWorld
Sketchyr thiny ! They're colored sketchy chibi, overly adorable don't you think ? They will have a better coloring style then this
3 out of 3 place left, 160 :points: !

Serki crying by SarahHisWorldChoko crying n hissing by SarahHisWorld
Tiny crying chuwby sketch, will not be colored !.. Will have a transparent background and soft base color in them
1 place out of 1 left, 200 :points:
Can be fully colored for a 20 :points: extras
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Comm - GenyxJ
There you go~ Hope you like it, if you want anything changed let me know~ ! O u O

Character belong to GenyxJ :icongenyxj:
Art by Serkkiit 
Comm - DuchessOfRoses by SarahHisWorld
Comm - DuchessOfRoses
There ya go :'D Hope you love it guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl~~~ :heart: i had a lot of fun drawing her, shading and just asdfhjkl~ She's adorable ok ?

Ursa belong to DuchessOfRoses :iconduchessofroses:
Art by Serkkiit 
Comm - DushessOfRoses (1/2)
I had so munch fun doing your commission BROse you have no idea *cry*, hope you like it ! And sicne i could choose anything for the background, i have gone whit a pale green that is soft for the eyes :'>Kind of to make her eyes appear more~

Kitkat belong to DuchessOfRoses:iconduchessofroses:
Art by Serkkiit


SarahHisWorld has started a donation pool!
4,500 / 200
_.­­­.::''**°° Donate :points: if you want~ They might help me host contest in the future, buy things, give to friends and munch more selfish stuff °°**''::.._

If you want to do an Art Trade, or have a request, please visite Serkkiit's profile for the infos, they're under the ID

Commish infos ~>
Commission CLOSED~:bulletwhite::bulletwhite:
Please note that i might take a bit of time to respond to your commission request, if i take too long(6days), contact me on my main account -> :iconSerkkiit: thank you~:heart:
:bulletblue::damphyr:210 :points: for a chibi full colored Exemple -> 

:new::bulletblue::damphyr:450 :points: for a colored sketch whit painted background

[New]If you want one whit ANOTHER character whit, like a couples, then just double the price[New]
[New]except for the colored sketch, for an extras character add 200[Points] only[New]
You're not able to ask for a lower prices whit a cheaper qualities anymore ! [Heart]
What i can do:
Humans, Kenomimis, Monsters
FanSonic Character, Homestuck Fantroll and Fankid
Anthros, Animals
What you can ask but i might refuse to draw:
Official Char
Pixel commission | CLOSED:bulletwhite::bulletwhite:
Hello everyone, i'm opening my pixels commission ! Please, take note that i do my best to do them as fast as i can
Also, please ask me first because compared to my normal one i will do them only if i feel like doing some pixels arts. Thank you
As well, please note that i might take a bit of time to respond to your commission request, if i take too long(6days), contact me on my main account -> :iconSerkkiit: thank you~Heart
:bulletgreen:damphyr350 Points for a normal pixel doll(Eyes animation included)
+25 for extra animation
:bulletgreen:damphyr150 Points for a pixel icon(Eyes animation included)
 +10 for extras animation
What i can do:
Humans, Kenomimis,

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